Get the Support You Need With Automations for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a small-business owner, you have a lot to keep track of. From appointments to sending invoices to talking to clients about their vision for whatever service you provide, your days are packed with administrative tasks and basic business housekeeping. That’s not even counting the time you spend on your vocation, whether you are a hairstylist, florist or videographer.
Remembering to do all these little tasks can be difficult, but without them your business will wither. You need to send out invoices, after all, and you have to spend time drumming up new business. If only there was a way to automate all those tasks.
There is. When you use Táve, our customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you can take care of a slew of everyday chores automatically, saving yourself time while still ensuring these important things get done. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your paperwork has been taken care of — without having to lift a finger yourself.

Save Time With a CRM for Creative Small-Business Owners

What can you automate when you use Táve? We offer a number of different tasks, which you can adapt to your needs. Some of the most common automations include:

  • Questionnaires for new clients
  • Reminders for meetings or sessions
  • Invoice reminders
  • Follow-ups after sending quotes

You can also make your automations more or less complex, depending on your needs. We allow you to set conditions that will trigger certain things to happen, such as reminders or questionnaires to be sent. You can also send emails immediately when someone fills out a “contact us” form on your website, engaging your potential client right away. This shows how on top of things you are, and it reflects well on your business.

Get the CRM for Creative Entrepreneurs

Saving time can help you make more money. The less your schedule is devoted to small tasks such as sending out follow-up emails, the more time can be devoted to honing and enjoying your craft. You will have more time to shoot weddings or learn about new trends in the photo booth industry, depending on your profession.
You can’t lose when you add automation to your toolbox. We invite you to try out our service for 30 days for free to see how much time you can save with automation. Trust us, you won’t miss taking care of those tasks yourself. Sign up for your free trial today!