Ask any creative entrepreneur what their biggest pain points are, and chances are one of them will be scheduling.
When you own a small business, you’re the chief executive officer, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, which means you have to balance many tasks. You can easily lose track of these things if you don’t have a calendar to track due dates and appointments.
For instance, say you own a photo booth business. You need to know when your clients schedule events, of course, but that’s not all. You should also monitor:

  • When you called clients back to discuss their bookings
  • Networking events you want to attend to drum up new business

If you are looking for a time management app geared specifically toward helping creative entrepreneurs keep up with of all these things, Táve is your answer. We provide calendars where you can note all your engagements, networking events and more. When you start using the Táve calendar, your business quickly becomes more organized.

Present a More Polished Image to Clients

The worst thing you can do as a small business owner is to miss a deadline or overlook an event.
Whether you’re a hairstylist who specializes in bridal parties or an event planner who is expected to be on-hand to coordinate everything on the big day, your clients rely on you to make their special times more memorable. If you aren’t at the shop when the bridal party arrives or show up late to an event where the caterer never made it, you can bet those clients will tell other people — and that could cost you future bookings.
Using a calendar app allows you to stay on top of your schedule. Plus, you can eliminate the stress of disorganization, which takes a significant toll on small business owners.

Time Management for Your Creative Small Business   

You can invest in your future success by using Táve to help set your schedule. For instance, you can employ a color code to denote different types of events on our calendar, letting you know at a glance what you can expect in the coming week or month. Plan ahead, stay on task and win more business by being more prepared.
Try using Táve, which we’ve designed specifically with the needs of creative entrepreneurs in mind. Check out the a 30-day free trial of our software. Try the app now to get access to our calendar, email tracking, online booking and other features.