Email Tracking & Scheduling

As a creative entrepreneur, staying on top of current correspondence is crucial to running an effective business. You need to know if a potential client has received the quote they requested, if people are clicking on the links you send out, and need to know you can schedule emails to be sent in advance.
Certainly, you can use all of this knowledge to better tailor your quotes and cutback on email practices that don’t work for your clientele. But if you can’t preschedule these emails, or see how your audience interacts with them, you are missing important information that could help you complete these tasks.
That’s why photographers, event planners and others who see new clients as the lifeblood of their business use Táve’s tracking and scheduling feature for staying on top of their emails. With Táve’s assistance, you no longer have to wonder what impact your emails have.

Step Up Your Email Organization

Paying more attention to your emails can help you win more business. For example, let’s say you’ve been sending out the same type of email to anyone who contacts you through your website, but you’re not sure whether these recipients are actually opening them. By using our tracking feature, you can see who has opened what — and when. You can find out if people are enticed by your subject line and diving right in, if they’re waiting a few days to click, or if they are just ignoring it.
Over time, you’ll be able to keep track of which types of emails your audience opens the most often or the fastest. This will give you an idea of what types of subject lines people respond best to. With this data, you can learn to tailor your pitches to these more successful templates. By using our app to handle emails, you can also:

  • Schedule emails to be sent anytime in the future, from 5 minutes to a specific time
  • Stop wondering if someone received your reply about an urgent issue
  • Find a client’s correspondence history quickly and easily

Táve Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals

Running a creative business can be challenging. Whether you’re a DJ or a videographer, you want to provide the best possible services to your clients. However, you also need to balance your time taking care of administrative tasks, which any business needs to do in order to be successful.
As a creative CRM, Táve can help you do that. Tasks like tracking emails or scheduling automated invoice reminders are a snap. Táve takes care of these tasks, so you can spend more time working on your playlist or trying out new video techniques.
Start using Táve today with a 30-day free trial — you’ll see just how much more efficient you can really be.