An Easier Way to Track Leads for Your Business

Any businessperson will tell you the toughest part of running a company isn’t doing the work. It’s getting the work.
Networking, reaching out to new clients, exchanging business cards during chance meetings — they can all result in the jobs that sustain your business. If you don’t follow up on those leads, then that business never materializes, and your bottom line doesn’t grow.
What’s a busy business person to do? Turn to Táve, a lead-tracking software app for busy entrepreneurs. We provide automatic lead tracking for your florist, photography or event-planning business, so you can concentrate on the creative side and really wow your customers.

How to Keep Track of Leads for Your DJ, Videographer or Other Creative Business

We keep lead tracking simple. When someone fills out the “contact us” box on your website, it flows right into the Táve system. It will be labeled “new” to start. As you navigate the follow-up process, you can change the status, rotating through easy-to-understand updates such as:

  • Sent Quote
  • Follow-up: 1 Week
  • Needs Follow-Up
  • Ongoing Contact

Táve software also ensures you won’t double-book yourself, something small-business owners occasionally do as a consequence of balancing so many different duties. It can also help you create quotes right away, to ensure every lead gets addressed quickly and efficiently.

Stop Worrying About Lead Management for Your Photo Booth or Wedding Photography Company

Clearly tracking your leads with a software app can help you run your business better. So why choose Táve to help you do it? It is flexible and customizable. Whether you run a wedding photography business or rent out photo booths, you can adapt the system to your needs. You can also integrate lead tracking with other vital parts of running your small business, such as online payment, billing and calendars.
You want your business to build the best possible reputation. Misplacing leads or forgetting to follow up on them makes you look sloppy or, worse, unprofessional. There’s too great a chance of misplacing those hard-earned contacts when you use a pen and paper. You may also lose track of who you’ve contacted if you don’t have some type of tracking system.
Choose Táve to organize your lead tracking and increase your chances of landing new business. Take a test drive with us today. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how you like it.