Build Questionnaires, Contracts and Online Signatures for Your Business

Communicating electronically with your customers helps you improve your business. You can send contracts, receive feedback via questionnaires and get digital signatures that might otherwise take you days to track down in person.
As a busy creative professional balancing your time between jobs with office tasks, you may not have time to figure out how to do all of those things yourself. That’s where Táve can help. Our software app can create questionnaires, contracts and online signatures for your business. With just a few minutes of work on your end, you can gather information vital to your next job and ensure your client gets the experience they hope for with your services.

Create Customer Questionnaires for Your Wedding Photography, DJ or Floral Business

Whether you shoot weddings, DJ for big events or supply flowers for those parties, you need to stay on top of what your clients want on their big days. Our questionnaires help you do that. You can customize them to ask anything you need, including:

  • Date of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Contact information
  • Special requests

You can integrate the questionnaire with the job itself, so the information your clients give you in the questionnaire will be added to the job and reusable with tokens. That’s one less thing you need to take care of yourself.

The Value of Offering Client Questionnaires for Online Contracts and Signatures

One of the most useful innovations of recent years for entrepreneurs has been the availability of online contracts that can be signed with electronic signatures. This saves you money for postage and envelopes or the time it would have taken to go to a client’s home and get the signature you need. You can generate forms through Táve in just a few minutes, using boilerplate contracts that are perfect for your creative industry. Have your client sign electronically, and you will have devoted just minutes to something that used to take hours.
Plus, with electronic contracts and signatures, you run no risk of losing a contract and then running into the danger that your client doesn’t hold up their end of the deal. You both get an electronic copy of the document, so you stay on the same page throughout your assignment.
We invite you to give Táve a test drive today. Try out our software for 30 days for free. See how much easier your work life becomes when you have online questionnaires, contracts and signatures.