Never Miss a Deadline With Workflow Management for Creative Entrepreneurs

Wedding photographers, videographers, event planners and other creative professionals spend their days balancing tasks. The creative tasks are the ones that attracted you to your profession, like taking pictures, editing video and planning the perfect soiree. However, managing a business is so much more than just those things.
You also have to worry about:

  • Drumming up new clients
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Posting photo galleries
  • Holding planning meetings
  • Sending thank you notes

A good business will do all these things for every client. That’s way too much to remember on your own. You need a system to keep you organized and on top of all these noncreative tasks.
That’s why people rely on Táve. Our app for busy entrepreneurs allows you to create a list of tasks to check off for every client you have, ensuring you stay on task and on time. This will keep customers happy and help you become more efficient with your time.

You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance for Small-Business Owners

Many creative entrepreneurs find work-life balance difficult. They work long hours and may become frustrated when they fail to use their time efficiently. If, for example, you devote too much time to touching up your photos from a wedding, you may suddenly realize you haven’t done any of the other 10 tasks on your to-do list for this client.
You either fly through the rest of the list and do a shoddy job, or you miss a deadline. Neither of those is good for business, nor is it good for your home life when you skip an important event with your family to get all those things done.
Adding some simple organization to your life can help you hit your deadlines without spending all your time on work. Our workflow management for DJs, photographers and other creative individuals lets you create a list of tasks you need to do for every job. You can check them off as you go along, updating the most recent status so you can tell at a glance what still needs done and where you stand on a project.

Embrace Work-Life Balance for Small Entrepreneurs

Work-life balance for creative entrepreneurs can make you a better photographer, videographer or makeup artist. Whatever your vocation, you will be more effective when you have downtime to rest and take your mind off work. The only way to do that is to know you have attended to everything at your small business, by managing your workflow.
Try out Táve free for 30 days to see how you like our workflow management tool. We think you will appreciate the flexibility it allows you.