two syllables
inspired by the Lithuanian phrase for “I love you” – “Aš tave myliu”

Feature Highlights

Online quotes, orders, questionnaires and contracts.
Advanced lead tracking and workflow to get your clients from start to finish.
Automations to help take care of the tedious tasks of running a business.
Reporting to understand exactly where your business stands.


Táve is one of the most advanced and customizable platforms for managing your creative event-based business. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, event planner or makeup artist, Táve helps get you organized so you can make more money.

Take your clients from start to finish, from the initial inquiry all the way to the very last task.

Táve’s advanced lead tracking allows you to know exactly where you are with a lead.

Send them a quote to get them booked officially. Include products & services, intake questionnaires, and contracts. Your client signs online and pays immediately!

In addition to tracking your leads and getting clients booked through online quotes, you can create job-specific workflows with every task that needs to be completed so you know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Tired of some of the tedious chores of running a business? Build advanced automation and let Táve do the work for you. Automatically send invoice reminders, pre-event questionnaires, anniversary and birthday emails and more!

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