What’s Included in a Táve Workshop

Every two day Táve workshop will run from 9am-5pm each day, including 16 total hours of education,
with breaks for hands-on help from the host. A lunch is also provided on each day for all attendees.

2 Day Táve Workshops ($400)

Táve workshops are ideal for Táve users who have already started using their account to book and interact with clients, as a basic understanding for the software’s features and ability to navigate account setup is required.  You will come away from the two day workshop with a better account setup and plenty of tips and tricks to saving hours per week by automating your business with Táve!
Hands-on guidance and review of the following topics and more:

  • Initial Setup
    • Payment Methods (i.e. Square)
    • Sales Taxes
    • Payment Schedules
  • Branding
    • Imagery
    • Favicon
    • Custom domain
  • Products & Services
    • Integrations: Shootproof, ProSelect, RedCart
    • Accounts Payable
  • Packages
  • Email
    • Google Integration
    • Sendgrid
    • Email Templates
  • Calendar Feeds
  • Leads
    • Contact form setup
    • Auto-replying with an automation
    • Lead status for tracking follow-ups
  • Getting Booked
    • Quote templates (standard and advanced)
    • Add-ons
    • Questionnaires & Contracts
    • Payment Schedules
  • Workflow
    • Job Workflows
    • Deliverable Workflows
  • Reporting
    • Built-in Reports
    • Custom Sidebar Reports
  • Automations

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What Past Workshop Attendees Are Saying

The Táve workshop was the next best investment I made since signing up for Táve’s client management system. It furthered my dollars even more and has helped me organize my workflow and business tremendously. I learned ways to organize myself I would’ve never thought of and the Táve support team is amazing and always there to help you and guide you to better your business.

Jaye KogutPhotographerJaye Kogut Photography

This workshop really opened my eyes about how much of Tave I was not using, or really knew about.  I had been looking at other packages recently because there was functionality I needed that I thought wasn’t there.  So happy I went, it made me realize I am only utilizing about 10% of what is available and what more I need.  Nicole did an amazing job showing us functionality, helping us set things up and sharing what she does to automate her own business.  So glad I went.  This was a game changer.

Tracy HuethEvent RentalsFun 4 Events

This was excellent + inspiring!

Emily PogozelskiPhotographerPogo Photo

Going to the Táve workshop far exceeded my expectations.  Nicole was amazing and taught so many tidbits, it has already enhanced how we are using Táve in our business.  From little details like personalizing templates to larger things like automations.  She was an open book and showing us how she uses Táve in her own business was a huge help.  It gave inspiration for things that we could use Táve for to enhance our clients’ experience.  The automations were a huge part that really helped us to see how we can make sure we follow up with leads and keep in touch with our current clients.  I would HIGHLY recommend going to the course and I can’t wait for the next one!

Jennifer GilmorePhotographerGilmore Studios
This is my first year in business dealing with clients & managing leads. I don’t know where I would be without Táve. The lead status and job workflow has been amazing in keeping me on top of all of my work. I learned all of this from the workshop. It would’ve taken me much longer to learn on my own but having Nicole there to ask questions and walk me step-by-step in the process has helped me navigate and learn Táve quickly. Saved so much time by going to the workshop to learn how to use Táve effectively.
Marvin FlavienVideographerMK Flav Video

Even if you think you fully understand Táve… this workshop is for you. I discovered even more ways to be more efficient, have a better understanding of my business & automate tasks so I’m on top of my business but also have more time for myself & personal life.  I was skeptical coming, but it’s been the BEST decision ever to attend & learned so much from Nicole & the other Táve​ attendees.​​

Petronella LugemwaPhotographerPetronella Photography

I attended the Beginner and Advanced Táve Workshops Nicole put together in NJ. The workshop was so informative and covered really extensive detail on the amazing things Táve can do. This workshop definitely helped answer my questions in a nice interactive environment. Learning from this workshop reinforced my decision of switching to Táve from a previous CRM. Nicole was the sweetest person and really was very thorough with the information she was teaching.

Ryan EdaPhotographerRyan Eda Photography

The in-person Táve workshop was super helpful. Nicole was great. So many of my questions were answered and the examples she provided were so easy to follow. I didn’t know there was so much to Táve besides just keeping tabs on my clients!

Melanie CudnikPhotographerMelanie Cassie Photography

I loved the workshop, and learned about so many more cool features that Táve has, and I also got to learn how other professionals are utilizing it, and delving in deeper. Nicole is super knowledgeable, patient, and can pretty much answer any question you may have.

Danny FarrellDJNYC DJ’s

I was very hesitant about attending the workshop for fear that I wouldn’t get the value out of it. At the same time I knew that I NEEDED to go – it’s so hard to dedicate time to really learning the depth of what Tave can do. I’m so glad I attended because Nicole helped to connect the dots of how intertwined various aspects of the program work together. I think the biggest value, though, was not just learning what the program can do but how to apply that to the tasks I’m already doing.

Jenna PerfettePhotographerJenna Perfette Photography

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